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Acne Assassin serum (salicylic acid 2%) is relentless when it comes to killing pretty much any kind of acne, no matter how persistent or annoying or caused by makeup, hormones or bacteria.  It's formulated with a variety of acne fighting, natural oils like tea tree, neem, fenugreek, lavender, tamanu, seabuckthorn, rosemary, copaiba balsam and clove.  Not only do these oils have the fatty acids, vitamins and medicine your skin needs to thrive, but they also soften your skin, clear your pores and help kill bacteria that is the root cause of most cystic acne.

Acne Assassin's all-star ingredient is salicylic acid (2%), a natural, beta-hydroxy acid.  It's world renown for kicking acne’s ass by seeping into the deepest layers of skin and eradicating dead skin cells, breaking up hardened sebum/keratin and allowing your skin's naturally produced sebum to escape to the outer layers of your skin instead of getting trapped and forming a zit.

Apply a full layer of Acne Assassin on freshly cleaned and naked skin cells.  Cover every inch of your face that has acne and every inch of your face where you never want to see acne.  Do this morning and night until your acne is gone.  

After you’ve eradicated your acne, reduce your usage of Acne Assassin to every other night.  Make sure to use a moisturizer/cream on your face after you apply a layer of Acne Assassin or else your skin will become too dry.

Kieran's Cleanser & Regenerator Cream go hand in hand with Acne Assassin and are strongly recommended to use in conjunction with.  Get all 3 of these acne fighting and healing powerhouses in the Acne Arsenal Bundle.

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