Queen Tut - Skin Resurfacer & Lipid Barrier Repair
Queen Tut - Skin Resurfacer & Lipid Barrier Repair
Queen Tut - Skin Resurfacer & Lipid Barrier Repair
Queen Tut - Skin Resurfacer & Lipid Barrier Repair
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Queen Tut - Skin Resurfacer & Lipid Barrier Repair

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Queen Tut is the CremDeLaCrem in the land of natural skincare and packs a punch that could knock out a King.  
Queen Tut warmly glides over your skin at the very end of your routine, her high levels of boswellic acid calms inflammation like a bottle calms a babe.  The Queen repairs and regenerates your outer lipid barrier and spawns fresh, new skin cells in place of damaged and dead ones.  Not only is Queen Tut a potent layer of skincare in and of itself….but it also locks all of the juicy goodness from the rest of your routine into your skin for hours and hours.   Whether you’re dealing with wrinkles, age spots, acne, scars, rash….whatever…Queen Tut handles it...like a boss...cause she’s the Queen.
Queen Tut is hopped up with truck-loads of Boswellic Acid (over 20% 😳) which is the main active ingredient.  Boswellic Acid is a powerful anti-inflammatory and the Queen of all ingredients; tops in all categories of soothing, healing, protecting and regenerating.   I do my own in-house, full-spectrum, Lunar extraction of Boswellic Acids from large, grade A frankincense tears ethically sourced from Ethiopia. 
The smell of citrus and frankincense blended together in Queen Tut is more intoxicating than your first lover.
I don’t use anything that you buy at the store, I like Queen Tut to smell real orange….so I use Taa-ang-gerines.  Tangerine oil has crazy good anti-fungal and antiseptic properties and is like kryptonite to acne.  Queen Tut delivers a healthy dose of tangerine oil to roam the plains of your acid mantle, culling colonies of p.acnes bacteria without impunity.  
For all you moisture lovers, now you get to keep more of what’s yours!  Queen Tut locks in serious moisture, plumping out your fine lines into smooth, marble goodness.
Queen Tut is also a savior for sun damaged skin minimizing age spots and certain types of scars.   It’ll steam roll wrinkles and drastically even out your skin tone.  And because it’s the last thing you apply in your daily skincare routine, it will lock all of that other goodness into your skin!

Lastly, Queen Tut contains large quantities of AKBA (Acetyl-11-Keto-β-Boswellic Acid).  AKBA blocks leukotriene synthesis which has been extensively shown to inhibit and shrink many types of cancer cell growth. While Queen Tut is highly effective, if you do actually have skin cancer, Queen Tut should NOT be your primary treatment.  Contact me if you’ve had (or will have) skin cancer removed, i’ve worked with a few people through the process and would love to help you.
This is a special version of Queen Tut that only uses boswellic acids and oils extracted from Royal Hojari Green Frankincense absolute.  This version contains almost twice as many boswellic acids and about 3 times as much AKBA.  The scent is the definition of exotic; warm and spicy balsamic overtones with a bite of sweet, green-lemon. 
This is a rare batch and will likely not be reproduced very often as the Royal Green Hojari is almost 10x more expensive and hard to get big enough quantities of high enough quality to extract the boswellic acids.
Apply a full layer of Queen Tut to every millimeter of your face at the very end of your routine, after all other serums and creams.
WTF Is An Outer Lipid Barrier??
Your outer lipid barrier (OLB) and acid mantle is an acidic layer of fats, proteins, peptides and salty sweat that keeps the water from evaporating out of your skin and acts as a shield to fend off pollution, dirt and harmful micro-gremlins.   Any break in this barrier will cause issues with your skin and vice-versa.  
Acne forms when your sebum (natural oil your body produces) gets trapped by clogged pores on its journey to your outer lipid barrier.  The backed up sebum essentially bursts under your skin and eventually breaks a hole in your outer lipid barrier allowing moisture to leak out and gremlins to pour in.

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