Lipoma Zapper - helps dissolve fatty lipoma deposits

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Lipoma Zapper - helps dissolve fatty lipoma deposits

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Lipomas are small, fat deposits/accumulations under the surface of the skin.  They are more common than I initially thought and typically harmless and usually non-cancerous.  Many people either leave them alone and live with them or get them surgically removed.
This particular Surreal Skincare Lipoma Zapper formula utilizes a variety of plant oils and resins that helps break down the fat deposit and helps the body flush the Lipoma out.  It is a slow process that requires multiple applications a day for multiple months which will theoretically result in a slightly smaller lipoma as time progresses.  Not all lipomas are the same and this formula might or might not work on your particular lipoma.
This formula is for HUMANS only.  One of our veterinarian customers was kind of enough to correct me, thanks Danya.  She let me know that many of the oils used in the formula are toxic for dogs/pets especially since they tend to lick whatever is put on them.  Please do not use this formula on your dog/pet/animal.   More information can be found here on toxic essential oils for pets.
The smell of this formula is a pretty intense "sage".  FYI.


35 ml Airless Bottles
Born on June 8 - 2021
Clary Sage Oil, Castor Oil, Frankincense Carterii Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cedar Oil, Oregano Oil, Boswellic Acid Absolute

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