IRON LUNG - Respiratory Syrup

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55 ml bottle

Clean, strong lungs are more important right now than ever.  No matter if you're trying to vanquish your past sins for smoking too many cigarettes or just happen to be a garden variety stoner or if you're trying to get over a respiratory illness like bronchitis, pneumonia or coronavirus. 

Certain herbs have been used for respiratory issues for thousands of years like Mullein leaf, horehound leaf, elecampane root, lungwort lichen, cherry bark, lobelia herb, coltsfoot leaf, licorice root and marshmallow root to name a few.  These herbs act on multiple fronts to clean and strengthen the lungs.  

IRON LUNG behaves as an astringent and expectorant.  This basically means that it's going to help your lungs expel unwanted particles you've inhaled as well as get rid of stagnant and stuck mucus.

IRON LUNG is an anti-inflammatory that soothes lung and throat tissue. 

IRON LUNG acts as a cough suppressant and allows you to have more controlled coughs to expel the freshly loosened mucus.

IRON LUNG increases lung capacity by providing more surface area inside your lungs for direct oxygen exchange. 

As a past smoker, partier and longtime stoner I've found my lungs are a mere shadow of what they used to be.  One of my goals to accomplish before coming out of quarantine was to cleanse and strengthen my lungs.  After much research and planning, I procured the raw ingredients and crafted multiple tinctures, teas and concoctions which finally resulted in the IRON LUNG formula. 

I've been using the IRON LUNG formula for about 2 weeks.  The first week was a bit intense and I was coughing up cigarettes I smoked in high school.  Since then it's chilled out a bit as my lungs have gotten cleaner and now I can breathe much deeper and don't wake up to near as much mucilage in my respiratory tract as I used to.

IRON LUNG is some fantastic stuff!

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