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Surreal Sanitizer comes in a 35 ml airless bottle.  It contains 70% ethyl alcohol.


The most exotic hand sanitizer you'll ever use.

Surreal Sanitizer is not available for sale on its own at this time.

Surreal Sanitizer also contains 70% ethyl alcohol which kills virus' and bacteria on contact.  Squeeze 2 pumps into your hands and as soon as you rub them together a few times, the alcohol will evaporate and your mitts will be left soft, smooth and hydrated no matter how many times you apply it.

Surreal Hand Sanitizer was developed with ultra-soothing, raw organic shea butter from a small group of women in Benin who make it themselves. 

I make the rose water by cold-steeping rose petals in ultra-pure water for 2 days which pulls out the scent, vitamins and compounds.

The shea butter and rose water work together to overcome the drying effect that the alcohol has on your skin.

We've also blended some Siberian Fir Needle and Hemlock Spruce into the mix to leave your hands smelling like a freshly found forest instead of the clammy scent of quarantine.

Use a few pumps of Surreal Sanitizer every time after touching a public surface like a doorknob or turn-style or a taxicab door.   Apply it as often as you please without worrying about your paws drying out.  This stuff is pretty exotic when standing next to Purell lol hope you enjoy!

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