Getting old and wrinkly is better than dying....but it doesn't mean you've got to look like a dehydrated old raisin as you get older.
Even tho wrinkles show how many times you've laughed in your life, it’s also nice to have a buttery smooth complexion that isn’t pitted by gulfs and valleys.  After your 21st birthday you start to lose about 1-2% of your collagen every year and eventually it gets so thin that your face is see-through and it wrinkles easier than a silk scarf in the rain.
The Beginner’s Guide To Cheating Death is a daily skincare routine (avail as a bundle) with a cleanser, serum and moisturizer that will build collagen faster than you lose it and will help regenerate strong and healthy skin cells that steamroll wrinkles and fine lines.  Following this routine everyday will dramatically improve your skin’s elasticity and fortify its outer lipid-barrier to lock in the good stuff and block out the bad.  If you’re starting to realize your own mortality in the mirror, you’re going to need The Beginner’s Guide To Cheating Death. 
Raccoon Eye Rock Star (coming soon)  Stressed out?  Kids driving you nuts?  Not sleeping as much as you should?  Too many 3-day-benders this week?  Whatever it is…we understand.  Raccoon Eye Rock Star will help reverse all those moments in life that are taking years off your future-you’s life. 
Out Damn Spot  will become your friend that one fateful day you look in the mirror and catch one of your freckles turning into a splotch.  Those little splotches are going to keep getting a bit bigger every day and possibly even turn into cancer unless you throw some magical potion on it to fend-off the takeover.  Out Damn Spot inhibits your skin's biosynthesis of melanin (pigmented skin cells) as it rebuilds the new skin and lightens the old skin leaving your complexion even and bright.  We know boswellic acid kills cancer cells, so we do our own extraction of it from raw frankincense tears and add generous heaps of it in.