PLAIN JAINE - Daily SPF 20 & Morning Moisturizer - no chemicals, no zinc oxide

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After much time spent iterating through product development which many of you have tried....Plain Jaine is finally here!!!
Start your morning off right with a blast of moisture wrapped up in a daily, natural SPF 20 (no zinc oxide).
Plain Jaine goes on easy, sinks in fast and delivers a solid SPF (UVB) ~20 and SPF (UVA) ~12 by way of its hefty dose of Raspberry Seed Oil and Edelweiss flower extract.  This means you should not depend on Plain Jaine as a sunscreen at the beach or lounging by the pool…but you CAN use Plain Jaine as your regular, daily sunscreen without taking a goopy, chemical bath every morning before you go to work 🤗🤩.
Besides being a light-weight, daily sunscreen, Plain Jaine is made up almost entirely of powerful anti-oxidants raspberry seed oil,  rose water, thioctic acid and caffeine crystals….all of which help to reverse sun/solar and environmental damage by scavenging for free radicals.  Plain Jaine is also loaded with a variety of phytosterols that stop the loss of collagen as you age and actually starts to replenish and rebuild your collagen and elastin in your skin.  
Plain Jaine has a mild, alluring scent from blue lotus flower absolute.  It glides on easy, sinks in fast, is noncomedogenic and DOES NOT feel mucky and sticky like most natural sunscreens.  Because we do not use zinc oxide or titanium oxides to attain our SPF, Plain Jaine does not leave a ‘ghostly cast’ on your skin and is suitable for all people of all types and all colors.

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