Regenerator Cream

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This is the savior your skin needs to re-grow and rebuild cell by cell. 

With powerful anti-inflammatory and regenerative agents, Regenerator Cream helps regulate and heal most skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.  Regenerator soothes sunburn and dramatically quickens the healing of wounds, scars, rashes and minimizes scarring.

Regenerator Cream turns damaged or dry skin into lush, supple goodness.  It tackles hard to cure things like balancing sebum production, minimizing scars & acne scars, helping alleviate dark, under eye bags, reducing stretch marks and bruises on your body. Regenerator also helps brighten and even skin tone, reducing dark spots over time. 

I originally formulated Regenerator Cream to heal my wounds, scarring and stretch marks from my GRS Surgery.  Every scar and mark has it’s own story and there's no magic bullet to get rid of them instantly, it takes time and dedication and daily doses of Regenerator.  Regenerator is an intuitive cream that with persistent use over time can help your skin cells regenerate the proper way.


  • A full layer over your entire face...forehead, face, throat and neck, under and over your eyes. 
  • An extra coat of it under your eyes to help with bags and raccoon eyes.

To break down scar tissue over time; Use Acne Assassin on the scar before applying Regenerator Cream. Acne Assassin has 2% salicylic acid, which seeps deep into the skin layers and breaks apart hardened scar tissue and sloughs off dead skin cells better than Madonna can slough looks. After Acne Assassin has done it’s bidding, adding a layer of Regenerator gives birth to fresh, new skin cells with medicine and moisture.

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