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In addition to including the regular Acne Arsenal the Acne Arsenal Advanced Guide also includes the Bacteria Blaster Gel Toner and the Cool Napalm 20 Minute Resurfacing Mask.

  1. Kieran’s Exfoliating Cleanser

  2. Bacteria Blaster Gel Toner

  3. Acne Assassin Serum

  4. Regenerator Cream

  5. Cool Napalm 20 Minute Resurfacing Mask
Use morning & night.  Don’t forget, the most benefits from skincare are received overnight, so make sure you don’t skip your night sessions!
  1. Use 3-4 pumps of Kieran’s Cleanser on DRY or DAMP skin for 15-60 seconds, then rinse.  It's laced with powerhouse exfoliators, salicylic acid (1%) and glycolic acid (2%).  These natural acids seep down into your skin and break up crusty sebum, dead skin cells and keratin plugs that are clogging your pores and trapping toxins and bacteria.  Then the powerful saponins, astringents and healing compounds that are extracted from organic roots, herbs and barks, get into that freshly mowed skin and suck more crud off your face than a romance movie from the 80’s.  

  2. Use 1-2 pumps of Bacteria Blaster Gel Toner across your entire face immediately after cleansing.  Bacteria Blaster is made from fresh rose and lavender water blended with cucumber hydrosol which heals, moisturizes and revives. A variety of powerful, tree resins kill bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation.  Bacteria Blaster's all-star ingredients are Azelaic Acid (10%) and Thioctic Acid (2%) kill bacteria, shrink acne and help to rebuild damaged skin.

  3. Use 1-3 pumps of Acne Assassin serum across your entire face.  Acne Assassin delivers a hefty dose of boswellic acid (10%) and Salicylic Acid (2%) along with a plethora of other acne killing compounds and nutrients.  Acne Assassin kills bacteria, breaks up the gunk in your pores and gets rid of free radicals and toxins.

  4. Use 1-3 pumps of Regenerator Cream across your entire face and neck after you apply  Acne Assassin.  Think of Regenerator as the 'Fixer', it greatly reduces inflammation and redness, smoothes out scars and locks in the rest of your routine.

  5. Apply a medium layer of Cool Napalm 20 Minute Resurfacing Mask once a week, leave it on for 20 minutes, then either rinse off or wipe off with damp paper towels.  Cool Napalm will resurface your entire face like a greek goddess carved out of marble.  It is designed to pull gunk out of your face and shove vitamins and nutrients into it. It will tingle for the first 5-10 minutes...and then will taper off.  NOT FOR DAILY USE.  You can use Cool Napalm as a spot mask up to 3 days in a row on the same spot, then give that spot a few days off.  Always perform your entire skincare routine immediately after using the Cool Napalm Mask.

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