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The BASIC B!TCH routine/bundle is a lightweight, effective morning routine that doesn’t make the skin feel greasy or heavy and offers natural SPF 20 protection without using zinc oxide or sketchy carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and environment destroyers.
I designed the BASIC B!TCH routine/bundle to be quick and easy… less, no more…moisture plumping, non-toxic SPF protection and lipid barrier maintenance. 
Give me a lightweight, everyday cleanser with slight foam and no eager actives that I can use in the sink or shower on a wet or dry face.  The newly formulated Mister Everyday Cleanser does exactly that!  Tiny foam bubbles from natural saponins and surfactants glide over your skin with anti-oxidants and astringents extracted from roots and herbs.  This peppermint popping’ cleanser will clean up skin, perk up your senses and slap that face into gear!
WaWa Watermln steps up after the cleanse, drenching your skin with a massive wave of moisture and hydration; delivered deep into the depths with low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, cucumber hydrosol and sea-kelp bio-ferment.  The uplifting scent of hyacinth, mimosa and watermelon tickle the neurons and twist up the smile.
A few pumps of Plain Jaine lock in moisture from WaWa as well as deliver a lightweight dose of SPF 20 without goopy zinc oxide or harmful chemicals.  Spread a few pumps across your entire face and let it sink in for a minute.  The majority of SPF comes from organic red raspberry seed oil which has an SPF of 50 on its own.   The red raspberry seed oil naturally absorbs most UVB rays (which can cause sunburn and cancer) and some UVA rays (which are associated with aging).   I also stacked Plain Jaine with edelweiss flower extract for added SPF as well as caffeine crystals for solar damage repair.  Her moisture side is created from my very own steam-distilled cucumber hydrosol and my potent rose water extract to lock in and retain moisture.   There’s a bit more to Plain Jaine than meets the eye 🤩  I should also point out that Plain Jaine is NOT an advised sunscreen for the beach or excessive sun exposure…she is for simple, daily protection against light to moderate levels of solar exposure.  
Fruit Snax is the metaphorical dessert of the BASIC B!TCH Routine.   Exotic fruit oils from the 13 corners of the Earth brought together into a magnificent whirlwind of vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients.  Fruit Snax sinks in faster than the Titanic and locks in the entire BASIC B!TCH routine better than Houdini’s last trick.  Also….It smells so good you’ll wanna eat your own face.
Apply 1-2 pumps of each product in a full layer across entire face in the recommended order.  
You can apply the layers as slow as you want or in fairly rapid succession if you need to get out the door quick.  
The BASIC B!TCH routine does the basics…no less, no more…moisture plumping, non-toxic SPF protection and lipid barrier maintenance. 
FYI - The small bottles come with the 35 ml Mister Everyday Cleanser while the medium bottles come with the 55 ml Mister Everyday.

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