Hello, I’m Morgan Lang and I founded Surreal Skincare in April, 2018.
I started making skincare many years ago when I started experimenting with taking my medication and taking my hormones topically through my own custom serum I made.  I went through an intense period of curiosity and research into the world of natural skincare and it turned into a fascination with the different properties of ingredients and their effects when delivered onto the skin. 
I continued to relentlessly experiment with different serums and creams, adding in different oils and ingredients that I sourced from around the world or compounds that I personally extracted from the raw plant material.
I'm in my prime in mad-scientist mode and I came up with a few of my core serums and creams for anti-aging and acne.  When my friends consistently kept asking me to make new batches of my skincare and wanted to pay me for it is when I officially started Surreal Skincare and started putting 100% of my time, energy and love into it.
I use the Beginner’s Guide To Cheating Death as my daily skincare routine (Kieran’s Cleanser, MINUS 10, Cheat Death) and it goes to show that sticking to a simple routine with powerful, natural products is all you need to get your skin looking and feeling great!
I spend a lot of my time researching different compounds and ingredients and learning new and groovy techniques for making skincare.  When I find something that can make any of Surreal Skincare’s handful of products better, I tweak the formula and figure out how to incorporate it.  
For example: Boswellic acid is the most beneficial compound in frankincense but because boswellic acid is part of the resin component of frankincense and is too big to get carried over in the steam distillation process when extracting the oil, it is never found in frankincense oils available on the market.  I have learned how to do my own full-spectrum, Boswellic Acid extraction directly from the raw frankincense tears and now every Surreal Skincare product is loaded with boswellic acid and their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits!  Voila!
I'm also an artist, a surrealist to be exact.  I've been creating surreal art for most of my life…hence the name of this company 🤗  All the labels on our skincare bottles and website are created with my art and each bottle of skincare is wrapped in a small, canvas print of my art instead of a box that you’ll end up throwing away.  I include 4 little, sleek pushpins for each print so you can stick them up wherever you want as soon as they get unwrapped.  If you get a duplicate, give it to a friend, hang it up somewhere else or do whatever you want with it 🤗  
I recently started inviting “guest artists” to work with me because all my regular customers already have all my art!  If you know a good surrealist, send them my way!
Love & Kisses,