Answers to FAQ

Our Skincare

  • Our formulas are designed to hit hard and fast and to deliver maximum whallup.
  • We use many natural tree resin extracts that contain extraordinary, healing compounds 
  • If you haven't used our skincare before, start with small amounts in each part of the routine and let your skin get used to the ingredients.
  • Each batch is going to be slightly different.
  • Each bottle might contain slight amounts of plant residue that has settled to the bottom.  This is perfectly fine and safe for your skin also.


Who We Are

  • We’re a tiny, little crew of mad-scientists that are passionate about making high quality, natural and effective skincare.
  • We do a lot of our own ingredient extractions from raw materials and add them in generous quantities to our formulations.
  • We believe in a minimal number of products, outstanding ingredients, simple routines & strong results.
  • Everything that goes into our products is natural, including our preservatives.
  • We test our products on ourselves and our friends, not on animals.
  • We also list our ingredients in words you can understand and pronounce, not in latin 🙄
  • People with all skin types and colors use and love our products!
  • Natural ingredients tend to work wonders on most people, even those with sensitive skin.
  • We wrap each skincare bottle in a small, canvas print of surreal art. Most of the art is created by our founder Morgan or if you're lucky, you'll get one of our guest artist's prints 😀
  • We are constantly posting videos to our Instagram stories @Surrealskincare of us making and packaging skincare as well as extracting ingredients.



  • We typically ship out orders on Monday & Thursdays.
  • Leave us a note with your order if you want to swap out a similar product in your bundle (eg....You want Mister Everyday Cleanser instead of Kieran's Cleanser)
  • We do not make sample sizes
  • We do not accept returns
  • If we fck up your order we will make it right plus some.  Please either message us on Instagram @surrealskincare or by email


Pick Up & Lab Visits

  • Surreal Skincare is located in New York City (Manhattan) - 365 West 36th Street (at 9th ave) - Buzzer 4, third floor.  MAP IT

  • We're here working most of the time and many people drop in to say hi, buy products, save on shipping and other extra costs!   

  • You might also get to try out some of Morgan's latest experiments!

  • If you want to come by, please message us on Instagram (@surrealskincare)  or by email to make sure we'll be here!


What is the correct order to apply skincare?

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Serums
  4. Creams & Moisturizers
  5. Queen Tut


Instruction Guides

How to use Surreal Skincare in your daily routine

Cool Napalm Instruction Sheet

Kieran's Cleanser VS Mister Everyday Cleanser