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Jan 17-23 (Monday - Sunday)
Every day around 12 noon (EST) I will be spinning my fun, little carnival wheel to determine each day's deal.  Each day's deal is different and will have a discount code with a limited number of uses.  I will list each days deal on this page (bookmark it) and broadcast the video on Instagram @surrealskincare as well as through the Surreal Skincare text message group.
If you think you like the sound of a particular day's special deal, jump on it quickly or it might be gone by time you try to check out.  On the other hand, don't fret too much if you get locked out, there will be another deal the next day.
PRO TIP: Add whatever you want to your cart before each days announcement so you can go straight to check out. 
FREE 50 ml Gladiator's Mistress Active Balm
25% off entire order
$200 minimum purchase
60 available
(not an actual discount code)

  • Orders are final and non-cancellable
  • Sales apply to all products except for Gift Cards. If you have a Gift Card in your cart, it won't let you check out with the code.
  • If you would like to swap out a comparable item for another comparable item please leave us a note with your order (or message me on Instagram @surrealskincare).  Key word is comparable :)
  • Multiple orders; we will only know to combine them if you message me on Instagram @surrealskincare
  • This sale is for end users only.  Please do not re-sell my products unless you have a specific agreement with me.  I have taken on a few wholesale partners and will be slowly expanding this to others over the course of the year, please contact me after this sale is over.
  • We will start sending out on Wednesday Jan 19 and will continue to send out every day after that until we're thru them.  
  • When your order ships you will get an email with a tracking number, please refer to this tracking number and use it. Questions asking me when your package will arrive will be ignored.
  • If your tracking number says that USPS has not yet received the package, that means we processed your order but we were out of a particular product and have set your order aside until that product get make/bottled/printed/packaged.  Please be patient.
  • We will inevitably run out of different products throughout the sale which will take me time to re-make, bottle, print and package.  Please have patience with me, especially if you place an order during the last few days of the sale. 

These sales are a lot of fun and also a shitload of work.  I am constantly striving and working to make you happy, get your orders out and frantically making high quality skincare as its needed.  My sanity can get a bit hazy here and there so please, please, pretty fucking please...have patience.  Thank you!!  

Let the games begin!!!!

DAY 1 - Mon
36% off
75 Available
Sold Out in less than an hour

DAY 2 - Tues
25% off entire order
Free full-size Cheat Death Moisturizing Cream
$200 minimum purchase
75 available

 DAY 3 - Wed
42% off
60 Available (increased to 100)
Sold Out in 26 minutes

25% off entire order
Free 35 ml Relaxaromica Liquid Lozenge cbdLiquidLozenge
$200 minimum purchase
75 available


Day 5

44% off entire order and an optional date with Frankie.
50 available.

Day 6
Today's deal is a free 50 ml gladiators mistress active balm.  Over 2000 mg infused into Arnica with a bit of a peppermint bite. Will soothe sore muscles almost instantly.
25% off entire purchase?
$200 minimum purchase
60 available
Day 7 (last day)
This is the last and final day and of course the wheel landed on the best deal!  50% off entire order. 
Only 42 available. 
Orders for this day's deal will ship in early February, please be patient.