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You will need to sleuth together the answers to 7 riddles (below) by browsing the new website.

In order to create the discount code, you must string together all of your answers to each riddle (minus the spaces) in the order they were asked (see example).

Successfully sleuthed discount codes will be worth 42% the first day and will decrease 2% each day.  Today's discount code is worth 30%.


  1. All answers can be found on within various product descriptions, images....etc.  Browse around!

  2. Each answer can contain one or more words.

  3. Assemble your answers in the same order they were asked without the spaces.

  4. Each day you will be given the number of characters in the final discount code as an extra clue.

  5. The final discount code might not make rational sense.

  1. Who is the only President of the United States to get impeached twice?
  2. What does a vacuum do?
  3. What is the first name of the most famous boy wizard?
  4. What is the Republican Party mascot?
  5. Find a picture somewhere on the website that contains a popular bar snack.
  6. What is the opposite off OUT?
  7. Where do they send you when you commit treason?
So if you take all of those answers, put them in order and remove the spaces, the final discount code for that day would be:


OK!!  Lets start!!

THE LAST DAY - Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Today's riddles are:

  1. What is the street address of our new retail location?  (don't abbreviate anything)

  2. What is the name of the lip-balm that Morgan makes on special occasions and includes in people's orders for free? (There are pictures of it lurking among other product pictures)

  3. What kind of tree resin (one word) does Morgan extract Boswellic Acid out of?

  4. An amazing artist happened to draw Morgan dancing, find a picture of that piece of art on the website and write name of the artist.

  5. What might be in your skincare bottle that has dropped out and settled to the bottom?

  6. Find a real hero for the American people.

  7. What kind of masks (one word) will Morgan be making to do 'fast facials' with at the new location?
There are 79 characters in the final discount code.

  • You can test a final discount code guess by trying to apply it to items in your cart before you actually buy.

  • It might be easier to do this on a laptop or desktop computer. 

  • It might also help to print out the question and write your answers next to each question as you go.

  • Double check the spelling of your answers by typing them into google, it will show you the correct way to spell it.

Surrealist Mobile Message Group
If you are in the USA and have joined our mobile text message group, you will receive a link to the new riddles every morning when the sale starts along with some extra tidbits.  If you haven't joined, you may do so by texting the word SURREALIST to 81493.  (USA phone numbers only....sorry international folks 😔)