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The 5th day of our Winter Sale 2024! 

Every day this week (mon-fri) there will be a new skincare quiz accessible through this link.  
You can take each quiz one time and your performance on the quiz will dictate the size of your discount code. 
Discount codes expire when the next day's quiz goes live. 
Play for fun all 5 days or play for keeps. 
Quiz 1 - Monday, January 22 (finished)
Quiz 2 - Tuesday, January 24  (finished)
Quiz 3 - Wednesday, January 25  (finished)
A perfect score on this one will get you 48% off!!

You have all weekend until Sunday night to take the quiz.

If you are trying research answers, I suggest doing it on a different device than you're taking the quiz on.
Make sure to COPY your discount code at the end of your quiz, you have to enter it manually when checking out, it does NOT happen automatically.
This is a very popular sale and will take us a few weeks to get all the orders out, please be patient.
There is a local pickup option available for those people in the NYC area.  Pickup will not be available until Wednesday Jan 31.  Message us on the Surreal Text Hotline before you come in to make sure your package is ready.  To opt into the Surreal Text Hotline, text the word SURREALIST to 917-994-9849.