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Bundle Includes:

Kieran's Cleanser
(35 ml)
(I've upgraded the formula for Kieran's Cleanser to be a much stronger exfoliator.  It is now only available in the 35 ml bottle as you will use it less often.)

Acne Assassin
(small 20 ml - medium 35 ml)

Regenerator Cream
(small 20 ml - medium 35 ml)

The Acne Arsenal now includes Regenerator Cream and is daily, 3-step routine that will kick the crud (literally) out of your acne.   Follow this routine daily to exfoliate your skin, clear your pores, kill your acne, regenerate skin cells and re-establish the outer, lipid-barrier of your skin.

Apply a few pumps of Kieran's Cleanser onto dry skin and gently massage it in for 30-60 seconds. This allows the salicylic acid (1.5%) and glycolic acid (2%) to sink deep into your skin to break up crusty sebum and keratin plugs that are clogging your pores and trapping toxins and bacteria. This salicylic and glycolic acid powerhouse duo chemically exfoliates your face and sloughs off dying and dead skin cells allowing new, healthy cells to shine through.

After these natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids do their work, the powerful astringents and saponins from the sarsaparilla root, burdock root, yellow dock, fenugreek and comfrey get into that freshly mowed skin and suck more crud off your face than a bad romance movie.

Also, the sarsaparilla and ceylon cinnamon in the Kieran's Cleanser makes it smell like Autumn in the mountains…not to mention that Cinnamon is one of the arch enemies of P. Acnes Bacteria 😄

After you rinse Kieran's Cleanser off, pat your face dry and prepare to bring in Acne Assassin for the kill.

Acne Assassin is relentless when it comes to killing pretty much any kind of acne, no matter how persistent or annoying or caused by makeup, hormones or bacteria.  It's formulated with a variety of acne fighting, natural oils like tea tree, neem, fenugreek, lavender, tamanu, seabuckthorn, rosemary and copaiba balsam.  Not only do these oils have the fatty acids and vitamins your skin needs to thrive, but they mainly soften your skin, clear your pores and help kill acne bacteria.

One of Acne Assassin's all-star ingredients is salicylic acid (2%).  A natural beta hydroxy acid, world renown for kicking acne’s ass by seeping into the deepest layers of skin and eradicating dead skin cells, breaking up hardened sebum/keratin and allowing your skin's naturally produced sebum to escape to the outer layers of your skin instead of getting trapped and forming a zit. 

Acne Assassin also softens your skin, helps with cell turnover and smells like a woodland fairie's den.

Apply a full layer of Acne Assassin on freshly cleaned and naked skin cells.  Cover every inch of your face (or body) that currently has acne and every inch of your face where you never want to see acne.  

Follow Acne Assassin with a full layer of Regenerator Cream.  Regenerator is loaded with healing & anti-inflammatory agents that calm and heal your skin and help regulate your sebum production.  Regenerator helps rebuild your damaged skin and re-establishes your outer lipid barrier which is critical to keeping acne away.

Follow this routine morning and night until your acne is gone.   

After you’ve eradicated your acne, reduce your usage of Acne Assassin to every other night to prevent future acne.


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