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No, that’s not your freckles taking over…as you get older, your skin starts to show age spots (also called sun spots or liver spots).  
Age spots are mostly harmless but they do tend to make your face look more and more like the skin on the back of your great-grandma’s hand….and they can also be the start of skin cancer.  Neither one sounds like a fun cup of tea.
I noticed some of these creeping onto my forehead awhile ago and decried like Lady Macbeth, “Out Damn Spot!”  
I immediately began researching the topic and started figuring out how to source or how to extract the different ingredients I’d need for the initial formulations.  As the months went by of testing a few varieties of the formulation on different parts of my own face, I finally put the all-star ingredients together into Out Damn Spot.
How It Works
After years of sun exposure, the tiny bits of cellular DNA damage add up and produce melanin which is the cause of the darkened spots on your skin.  A variety of different terpenes, fatty acids and compounds in select, natural plant oils can reduce and inhibit your skin’s melanin production, which in turn evens out your skin tone and brightens your face.  You can use Out Damn Spot all over your entire face or as a specific spot treatment.
Fades Scars, Blemishes & Helps Defeat Acne
Many of the different terpenes, compounds and fatty acids in the natural plant oils in Out Damn Spot help break down older skin cells while at the same time helping create fresh, new skin cells.   They break down scar tissue over time and regenerating newer, healthier cells in their place.  A few of my tester friend's acne scars were greatly reduced and minimized after a month or so of nightly application.  
Could Help Fight Skin Cancer
The results aren’t in quite yet for Out Damn Spot's effectiveness on skin cancer cells, but it contains a good amount of boswellic acids, the most powerful of which is the acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA) that I personally extract from the resin of raw Frankincense Carterii tears.  Boswellic acid and AKBA have extensive, formal documentation on their anti-proliferative effect on a variety of cancer cells and tumors.
Out Damn Spot contains photo-sensitive oils that will damage your skin if they are exposed to direct sunlight.  Only use Out Damn Spot during your night-time skincare routine.
Rosehip Oil, Frankincense Carterii Oil, Boswellic Acids, Acetyl-11-Keto-β-Boswellic Acid, Argan Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Butter, Carrot Seed Oil,  Bergamot Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Lavandin Super Organic, Wild Orange Oil, Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Celery Seed Oil, D-Alpha Tocopherol, Clove Bud Oil 

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