Tighty McTightFace Gel Toner - Tightens, Heals, Protects

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Tighty McTightFace was born to tighten and protect.  It’s based on a french cosmetics recipe from the 1700’s and of course we added quite a few surreal tweaks and twists to modernize it!
The heart of Tighty McTightFace is the fusion of fresh rose and lavender waters expertly blended with a variety of tree resin tinctures we hand-craft from frankincense carterii, benzoin sumatra and roses to bring luscious, dewey goodness to your face.  
From the moment the Tighty McTightFace gel toner glides onto your skin, you’ll feel it working its magic.  After letting it dry for 60 seconds, your skin will be tighter than a shaman’s drum and dewier than the morning grass.  
Tighty McTightFace is like a mini-facelift every morning and also helps kill acne bacteria.  Tighty also has a strong hydrating effect with the tree resins protecting the skin and locking in moisture.  Make sure to follow Tighty McTightFace Gel Toner with your full skincare routine.
Spread one pump across your entire face after cleansing…give it a minute to dry, then apply a layer of your favorite serum, then a layer of cream.
Pro-Tip - Ditch the cotton ball and apply one pump over your face with just your hand.

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