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I've upgraded the formula for Kieran's Cleanser to be a much stronger exfoliator.  It is now only available in the 35 ml bottle.

Use Kieran's Cleanser every day for the first month, then 3-5 times a week from then on.  Be careful not to over-exfoliate your skin.

Massage 3-4 pumps onto DRY skin for 60 seconds (let it sink in)...then rinse....then do your skincare routine.
Kieran’s Cleanser is laced with powerhouse exfoliators, salicylic acid (1.5%) and glycolic acid (2%).  These natural acids seep down into your skin and break up crusty sebum, dead skin cells and keratin plugs that are clogging your pores and trapping toxins and bacteria.  Then the powerful saponins, astringents and healing compounds that are extracted from organic roots, herbs and barks, get into that freshly mowed skin and suck more crud off your face than a romance movie from the 80’s.  
We do our own in-house, 8 day, full-spectrum extraction directly from the raw material of organic sarsaparilla root, ceylon cinnamon, burdock root, yellow dock, fenugreek and comfrey, red clover blossom and life everlasting flower. While there are a handful of ultra badass ingredients that get pulled out of the raw plant material…it is the overall, Entourage Effect we are trying to achieve by pulling out the other hundreds of useful compounds that have untold connections with each other and effects on your skin. Yes...we’s a bit intense....but your skin is going to love it.
Saponins (from sarsaparilla root) are naturally occurring are phytochemicals found in plants. They produce a slight lather and possess soap-like qualities that are magnets for dirt/gunk/makeup.
Astringents from the barks and roots ( comfrey, yellowdock, fenugreek, white willow, burdock) that constrict tiny blood vessels and the size of your pores, essentially squeezing out the junk that the salicylic/glycolic acid just broke up.
Healing Compounds extracted from the Maca, Life Everlasting Flower and the Red Clover Blossom that contain special compounds that retard the aging process of skin.
Cinnamaldehyde (from ceylon cinnamon) that helps kill the p. acnes bacteria; 
Kieran’s Cleanser is also blended with foaming silk and natural humectants that draw water deep into the skin, Kieran’s Cleanser leaves oxygen & hydration in the place of the junk it exfoliates off your face and lets your pores get back to what they were born to do.
Kieran’s Cleanser is a well thought out, unique and badass cleanser with a natural, woodland and earthy scent that will bring sunlight to your soul and your day's skincare routine!
Use Kieran's Cleanser every day for the first month, then 3-5 times a week from then on.  Be careful not to over-exfoliate your skin.
Pump 3-4 squeezes of KIERAN’S CLEANSER into your clean hands, rub them together and then gently massage onto DRY skin for 30-60 seconds. As you massage Kieran’s Cleanser into your skin you’ll start to feel it absorb deep into your skin.  

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