Acne sucks.   We all know this.   
We make kick-ass, acne-killing formulas that hate your acne more than you do.  Every day you use the Acne Arsenal (Kieran’s Cleanser, Acne Assassin and Regenerator), they head into battle killing bacteria, regulating sebum production, exfoliating gunk, unclogging pores and providing fatty acids and vitamins to grow healthy new skin-cells and re-establish your outer lipid-barrier.
Kieran's Cleanser chemically exfoliates dead skin cells with natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  We also added in our own strengthy extraction of cinnamaldehyde to help kill the lurking p. acnes bacteria.
Acne Assassin contains 2% salicylic acid and a plethora of acne fighting oils that work to clear and cleanse your pores by breaking apart crusty sebum and hardened keratin and by  exfoliating dead skin cell build up.  Acne Assassin also contains oils and extracts that help kill and stave off the p. acnes bacteria.
To completely get rid of acne, you need to be 100% committed to cleansing and applying Acne Assassin every day.  
Acne Arsenal Skin Care Routine
Apply 2-3 pumps of Kieran's Cleanser morning and night onto DRY skin and let it sink in for 30-60 seconds.  Then rinse and pat your face dry with a towel.  On freshly cleaned skin (immediately after cleansing) apply a layer (1-2 pumps) of Acne Assassin to every part of your face (or body) that has or is prone to acne.  Always follow Acne Assassin with a moisturizer.
Acne Prevention Skin Care Routine
Do the above routine a few times a week instead of every day.
The more you inflame acne, the worse it gets and the longer it stays.
Easily Fixable Acne (treated in 1-6 weeks)
If you get acne from wearing makeup/powder/concealer; lack of exfoliation; living near/in a city with a lot of pollution, excessive sebum production....etc (this is most people).  Perform the Acne Arsenal routine 1-2 times a day.  If you only do it once a day, make sure that 1 time is at night before you go to bed, which is when you'll get the most benefit.  If you can, try to greatly reduce or eliminate foundation & concealer from your makeup routine, they are some of the biggest culprit's of acne.
Hormonal Acne 
For females getting acne around their monthly cycle, start the Acne Arsenal routine (once or twice a day) the week before you normally start getting acne and continue for another week.  On your off weeks, do the Acne Arsenal routine once every 2-3 days.
Cystic Acne & Acne Scars
If you have cystic acne you know what a nightmare it can seems to never go away...ever.  Do not give up hope, it can be treated....but you will need to dedicate yourself to the cause and it will take time (2-12 months).  Follow the Acne Arsenal routine morning and night.  Do NOT pick at your acne.  Try to get natural sunshine directly onto your face for 20 minutes a day to help kill the acne bacteria.  Try not to eat processed foods, canned foods, fast food, sugar/candy or dairy products.  Try to focus on eating fish, avocados, fruit and vegetables.  Exercise regularly.  Sorry to sound like your mother 😞